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“Independence is the priceless wealth of our country” for university students in the library’s reading room. exhibition was organized. If we turn to history, then Independence is the will of the youth who entered the field in the December event of 1986, and, above all, it is the triumph of the dream and heritage of all Kazakhstanis. In tsarist times and during the Soviet Union, a significant part of the population formed a desire for independence. We are a country reborn at the end of the 20th century after several hundred years of colonialism. Independence is the passage of suffering and patience, the longing of the people for centuries of freedom. 36 years have passed since Kazakhstan was recognized as an independent, sovereign state. Today, the Kazakh people should feel the national holiday of independence with their hearts. The most important pillar of an independent country is the spirit, energy and social consciousness of the society, the local nation in this country. The main wealth is not just a national interest, but the interests and needs of citizens. Today, the mighty strength of the new Kazakhstan in the new world lies in the unity of the country and the world of peoples. For Kazakhstan, the page of the history of the 21st century is full of wisdom and insight.

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