* The University provides information services to faculty, students, masters and graduate students, employees in accordance with the needs;

* Advocacy and preservation of the scientific and cultural heritage accumulated in the library’s funds;

* Providing with necessary literature the knowledge and professional needs of users;

* Education of information culture of students, work skills in the library on the basis of modern technologies;


The library has the right:

* Based on the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Library, provisions on the library of organizations of higher professional education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the library independently determines:

• Specific implementation of the goals and objectives specified in this provision;

* Find sources of manning documents;

* Implement the rules for using the library;

* the user can replace the lost or damaged edition, the same publication or publication where the library is considered to be equivalent, in the absence of such an opportunity to recover its actual market value.

A responsibility

Liability of the library:

* Is responsible for the safety of the fund and its property, fire protection and other protection, provided that the premises of the library, equipped with security and fire alarm systems, metal doors and window grilles;

• timely recording and writing off of library documents;

* organization of continuous service for library users;

Structure of the library

1. The head of the library complex-Toksanbaeva Damira Nesipbaevna / tel: 22-14-30

2. The head of the educational-literary department of the library-Utarov Gulsim Musaev

3. The employee of the educational and literary department of the library-Erzhanova Myra

4. Librarian of the electronic library-Makhsutova Kamshat Bakytkizy

5. The employee of the reading room-Seydakhmetov Akmaral Omaradilovna

Address: South Kazakhstan Region, Shymkent, ul. Baytursynov 80, 1st floor, library

Library services

Library-information services for library users are provided free of charge.

Duties of the library:

* Replenishment of the book fund and ensuring their safety;

* high-quality library and information services;

* introduction and development of new information technologies;

* Implementation of national and international library and information projects.

Reader service:

In the reading rooms a report was made on the readers’ visit to the “days of the library” and the issuance of literature.

In 2013, the Library Fund uses a single reader card for 2,400 readers, including 2,166 students, 150 teachers, and 84 other readers. The number of visits of readers is 93130, the number of books issued is 279390 copies.

In the reading rooms of the library, readers can use the following resources:

• the fund for periodical publications;

• reference and encyclopedic publications;

• editions on electronic media;

• electronic library;

• the fund of thesis and author’s abstracts.