The university library was established in 1998, simultaneously with the creation of the university. This means that the library is of great importance in the educational system and research work of the university.

To date, the university library is the main educational department, which provides the educational process with the necessary information documents.

The library is the golden bridge between the reader and the book.

Since 2007 the head of the library is Toksanbaeva Damira Nesipbaevna.

 The basis of the library’s book fund is 2500 books issued by the International Kazakh-Turkish University. Today the library’s total book stock is 275000 thousand books. Annually, the university administration allocates 2-35 billion tenge to replenish the library fund with new books.

The library has a fund of literary books of scientific, methodological and teaching work in the Kazakh and Russian languages, as well as books for reading teachers and students leisure

and an agreement was drawn up on the joint use of the Shymkent library fund for blind and visually impaired citizens.

The university has a long-term contract with the central library named after Abay of the city of Shymkent. Students and teachers can use the library fund, which has a total fund of 1,817,891 scientific and technical and 440,000 copies. In addition, in accordance with the Consortium for Cooperation in Higher Education and Scientific Cooperation with the South Kazakhstan University named after M.Auezov, they jointly use the library fund of this University .