On March 2, 2021, the Central Asian Innovative University was established through the merger of two higher educational institutions, the International Humanitarian and Technical University and the Mardan Saparbayev Institute.
Today, the competitiveness of a nation depends on the level of its education. As they say, “a book develops a person in all aspects, broadens one’s horizons”, the university library staff helps professors and teachers, scientists, graduate students to qualitatively highlight the information they need, form respect and love for books. .
The total area of ​​the university library is 633 km: 3 reading rooms, 2 book depositories, 5 electronic reading rooms.
To date, the university library has 74 995 textbooks and scientific publications, of which 60 037 are in the state language, 6597 are educational and methodological and 10 180 are electronic resources.
The library website https://lib-caiu.kz/ is a single information system organized to access electronic catalogs and information resources in the library.
Library strategic priorities:
• • replenishment of the book fund and ensuring its safety;
• • provision of quality library and information services;
• • introduction and development of new information technologies;
• • enable students to use the educational resources of leading universities through electronic libraries of foreign and republican universities and research centers.