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The press service of Akorda published the full text of the message of the head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan entitled “Economic direction of fair Kazakhstan”.
Dear compatriots!
Dear deputies and members of the Government!
In accordance with Article 59 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I declare the second session of the Parliament of the VIII convocation open.
Dear deputies!
I congratulate you all on the opening of the regular session! I wish you success in your responsible services!
After the spring elections, the number of political parties in the Parliament increased. The composition of deputies has changed significantly. Factions of political parties, deputies elected from one-mandate constituencies also actively started work. They initiated many bills and boldly raised pressing issues.
Our deputies worked hard even in the summer. In just two months, he visited more than 1,200 settlements, met with voters, and got acquainted with the lifestyle of the residents.
I express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your successful services. I think the pace of work will be even higher in the new session.
Dear compatriots!
As you all know, every year I announce my Address to the People at the opening of the Parliament session. Today it has become a good tradition. This has a special meaning.
Because it is at this moment and at this place that all the representatives of the branches of power come together. The direction of the upcoming mid-term work will be defined. Specific tasks are given, new tasks are assigned. The Parliament, the Government and other competent bodies are starting to work at a new pace. In short, this event is very important for the harmonious and efficient functioning of the state apparatus.
Today, most of my initiatives have been implemented. A number of works are in progress. In this regard, I would like to mention some measures that directly affected the quality of life of the people.
For example, since 2020, teachers’ salaries have doubled. The salary of doctors has also increased significantly. Now their income is much higher than the average salary in the country. The public was given the opportunity to use a part of the pension fund. About a million people benefited from this project – they solved the housing problem and got shelter. About 400 schools will be built within the framework of the “Cozy School” project. Now more than 300 healthcare facilities are being built in rural areas. The project “National fund for children” has been started. Thanks to that, funds will start coming into children’s accounts from the new year. 8 million hectares of undeveloped or illegally transferred land were returned to state ownership.
I mentioned only a part of the actual measures. In fact, a lot of work has been done and will continue in the future.
As you know, large-scale political modernization has been carried out in the country since last year. A lot of changes have been made in just a year and a half. All of you witnessed it, actively worked for the implementation of the reform.
As a result of the measures taken, an effective balance was established between the branches of power. The system of government has moved to the model of a Presidential republic with an influential Parliament. In our country, the concept of “strong President – influential Parliament – accountable Government” is firmly established. We need to implement the principle of “the state that listens to the voice of the people”. Here the role of the Parliament is special.
Important steps have been taken in the field of human rights protection. Extensive work is being done to establish justice and the rule of law. The opportunity for citizens to participate in the decision-making process has increased. The political culture of the society acquired a completely new character.
However, if we want to become a truly developed country, we should not limit ourselves to political reforms. It is necessary to combine this work with radical and comprehensive socio-economic reform.
Now the geopolitical situation in the world is worsening. Nevertheless, indicators in the main areas of the country’s economy have increased.
Last year, the gross domestic product of Kazakhstan was 104 trillion tenge. 28 billion dollars of direct foreign investment was attracted to our country. This is a record indicator. Foreign trade reached an unprecedented level of 136 billion dollars. 84 billion of it is export. Our external fund has reached 100 billion dollars. First of all, this is undoubtedly a very important guarantee of our economic stability.
Of course, other countries are not watching either, they are also moving forward and developing. In short, the global economy and the international labor market are changing radically. Technological competition is fierce. There is a struggle for resources everywhere. Climate change, food security and demographically sustainable development have become the most pressing issues. In short, an era of unprecedented challenges and radical changes has begun in human history.
At such an important time, the country has full potential to make a great economic breakthrough. For this, we must gradually move to a new economic model. We need to carry out this work boldly. The main goal should not be to achieve high achievements on paper, but to improve the quality of life of the people in reality.
Fairness, inclusiveness and

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