Библиотека-ЦАИУ/ October 19, 2023/ News

A “Coworking” center has opened in the library of the Central Asian Innovation University.
The opening ceremony of the center was opened by the rector of the University A.Azhidinov.
The opening ceremony of the center was attended by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs N.J. Duisenov, Vice-rector for Social Development and Education N. S. Haidarov, heads of departments and students
The Rector of the University congratulated the library staff and students on the opening of the center and wished them to increase their interest in reading books and further share new ideas with each other and bring innovations to science.
The word “coworking” in translation from English, which has entered our daily life, means teamwork. The opening of coworking centers is carried out in order to base the level of library services on the European experience. Coworking is a joint spiritual center for young people seeking education and science. The formation of young people as individuals, the organization of effective use of free time, increasing interest in the book are the main directions of library services. We firmly believe that the Coworking centers will become a single effective project where young people, in addition to domestic literature, will be able to read world classics and modern literature, and joint events in various formats will help expand the thinking of young people and encourage them to engage in education.

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